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“Rannie Turingan is a very talented Toronto-based photographer who captures not just a moment or a person, but instead a series of moments, and a life.”Antony Hare

It’s a delight to be photographed by Rannie, he always makes the shoot fun and institutodocoracao.com comfortable while still getting great results.Alexa Clark

“Rannie provides fantastic professional service. I was impressed with the quality of the photographs we received and our designers were pleased as well as it made their jobs that much easier. Rannie saved us both time and money”Michael Glenn

Rannie Turingan

I was fortunate enough to order cialis online canada'>order cialis online canada have parents who always seemed to have a camera handy while I was young, so I got my start as a photographer at a very early age. I took their example to heart, and was rarely without a camera while growing up. I clearly recall toting around a Vivitar 110 camera on an elementary school excursion to Niagara Falls. By my grade 8 year, I graduated to a Canon point and shoot 35mm camera, which I loved and was built like a tank. By high school I had my very own Canon Rebel 35mm SLR. I remember having people jump in front of me in the halls at high school because I was “The Camera Guy”. It quickly became second nature to observe and document my surroundings and my experiences by capturing them on film.


Rannie Turingan is a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in portraiture work, engaging his subjects to draw out and http://logos.com.uy/buying-cialis-without-prescription capture their essence in each photo. His work has appeared in several publications over the years in print and web, including the nimbustier.net Hot Docs 2006 promotional campaign and Spacing Magazine.

Rannie is marinahotel.com.au also an established fine art photographer and has exhibited his work in various group and solo exhibitions in and out of the Toronto area. In 2006, he held his first solo exhibition at Le Petit Dejeuner as a part of the Contact Toronto Photography Festival.

Rannie mainly shoots with his Canon digital SLR, and is equally equipped to www.michigantu.org shoot on 35mm and 120 film stock.


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